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The Tech, Trends & Talent Defining New Civic Leadership

Philanthropy is stuck. As societal issues constantly evolve, philanthropic systems have been slow to match, leaving our communities’ needs sorely unmet. But what would happen if philanthropy became a progressive industry, rather than a sluggish and reactionary one?


In Future Philanthropy, Ryan Ginard calls on his years of experience as a civic connector and fundraiser to anticipate incoming philanthropic trends and lay the groundwork for their adoption. You’ll learn how to develop the right team, capitalize on current trends, create change in reimagined institutions, and disrupt our outdated philanthropic systems.

Ginard also puts the spotlight on fourteen leaders across various industries who are already finding success implementing the tools outlined in this book, offering up inspiration for your own strategic planning. No matter which side of the giving tree you’re on, Future Philanthropy has some - thing for leaders at all levels in government, higher education, nonprofits and NGOs, grassroots activism, philanthropy organizations, and more.


The innovative principles outlined in the book will leave you prepared to use philanthropy to its full potential, ready to create the momentum required to adapt to society’s ever-changing needs.

Future Philanthropy provides insights into what the new toolbox for courageous social sector leaders will look like over the next decade and beyond. Secure your copy today through our exclusive online offers below.

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"Overall, I found Ryan's ideas and arguments to be sound, thoughtfully presented, and incredibly interesting. The examples he offers, as well as the Future Feature sections (which were, collectively, my favorite part of the manuscript), further illustrate the points he makes while offering a human element that makes the topic feel more personal when necessary and shows how people out there like him care about the future of philanthropy and are actively working toward their goals. This is truly a forward-thinking book, and one that should spur other members of the nonprofit sector to consider and adopt Ryan's suggestions."

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For every book sold we will reinvest 10% of the sale price into the Emerging Leaders Fund, helping to lift up new voices in the social sector.

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