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Future Philanthropy provides insights into what the new toolbox for courageous social sector leaders will look like over the next decade and beyond. You'll learn how to develop the right team, capitalize on current trends, create change in reimagined institutions, and disrupt our outdated philanthropic systems.

The book cover for Future Philanthropy by Ryan Ginard


Nonprofit Moneyball deconstructs the skills of the most successful fundraisers and shows readers how to identify, recruit, develop, and equip a new generation of talent to raise the resources needed to support and strengthen our society.

The book cover for Nonprofit Moneyball by Ryan Ginard


My personal blog where I regularly discuss and conceptualize what the future might look like for the philanthropic sector. Listed in the top 50 best philanthropy blogs by FeedSpot.


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/The Fifteen Rules Of Philanthropic Futurism

Download an exclusive free chapter from the international award-winning book 'Future Philanthropy - The Tech, Trends & Talent Defining New Civic Leadership'. The Fifteen Rules Of Philanthropic Futurism have been developed to help you approach your work in the social sector through a lens of futurism.

/Demystifying Fundraising Tech

Check out this freemium chapter from 'Nonprofit Moneyball' where I chat extensively with Jim Dries, CEO of Pilytix about the need to demystify nonprofit tech and how we can inform and empower fundraising shops to be more effective in their craft through AI.

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